Ident Jahrbuch 2018 – RFID Standards 2018

CISC CTO Josef Preishuber-Pflügl contributed to the Ident Jahrbuch 2018. The article on RFID Standards 2018 covers all international standardization on RFID including air interfaces, crypto and test. The article is available under in German: ident_Jahrbuch2018 [...]

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CISC is exhibiting at 2018 West Coast Urban District Forum, Walnut Creek, CA, USA from March 13 – 15, 2018

Hear cities’ strategies for making the case for sustainable mobility and explore our COYERO technology empowering mobility. Downtowns are transforming into more people-centered places by actively prioritizing transit, biking, and walking: the key to moving [...]

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tagItron RFID Systems is using CISC RFID Xplorer for UHF RFID testing for LEX certification

Salzkotten, Germany, 1 March 2018. As a renowned provider of RFID solutions to the textile and automotive industries, tagItron offers a broad range of RFID-related products including labels, read-write units, antennas, systems and software solutions [...]

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Reader performance testing for RAIN RFID

Passive UHF RFID started around 20 years ago. At that time the read range was around 3 meters and the communication range was limited by the power demand of the tag. Today the market has [...]

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Importance of testing in today’s RAIN RFID market.

Present market 2017 was a great year for the RAIN RFID technology. The technology that started out as a solution to improve inventory management in logistics is now used in different vertical industries. Some of [...]

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CISC is exhibiting at RFID Journal Live!, Orlando, FL, USA from April 10-12, 2018

CISC Semiconductor will be exhibiting at  RFID Journal Live! 2018 in Orlando, FL, USA. Please, feel free to stop by our booth #1450 from April 10th to 12th 2018. We are looking forward to meeting you! Please contact us  for [...]

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