RAIN Xplorer reel2reel tester

CISC RAIN Xplorer reel2reel Tester machine serves for automatic testing of RAIN RFID tags on a reel at high speed. The hardware is compact, affordable and industrial grade machine.

 Key features

Typical test cases that reel2reel tester covers:

  • Sensitivity test
  • User-defined pass threshold
  • Go/No Go
  • Memory initialization
  • Memory verification
  • Test speed 18000 UUT
  • Fail marking options: Signal, log-file, ink-marking, dot label applicator, pause & manual replacement


                       RAIN Xplorer reel2reel tester




Supported protocol include
ISO/IEC 18000-63 / EPC UHF Gen 2V2 / RAIN RFID
• Read EPC number
• Read memory
• Write memory
• Multiple frequency (f) and power levels (P) pairs: (f,P)

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