CISC has extended its RAIN Xplorer portfolio with new modules supporting advanced automated reader testing. A special need for such kind of testing is required in production and additionally to read tests for lab-like receiver performance, protocol conformance, and endurance tests. All modules can be used together with other accessories such as the CISC Phase Shifter and Impedance Emulator as well as support testing from handhelds with integrated antenna to Four-Port readers.

Four Port RF Switch

The Four-Port RF Switch is an accessory unit to switch RF signals of up to four ports to a common port for testing of multi-port readers. The multiplexing is controlled from the GUI or API via the CISC RAIN Xplorer unit. To get the application note click here.

Xplorer GPIO Switch

The Xplorer GPIO Switch is a module to switch between two RF sensor modules including other CISC RAIN Xplorer accessories. A typical use case is switching one contact and one contactless RF Sensor Module for testing with and without reader antenna.

Download the application Four Port Reader Automation.

Download: Four Port Reader Test Automation


Xplorer GPIO Switch

Download: GPIO Switch